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Education as a
Community Mission

Our schools have crucial work to do, but as we better understand the complex and varied needs of our students and families, we realize that our schools cannot do the work alone.

We believe that education is a community mission. 

The world is changing and our schools, city and community must work seamlessly together to ensure that all of our young people have the academic, social, emotional, and developmental supports to thrive in the 21st century. We are fortunate to live in a place that is rich with resources — community organizations, world-class medical care, a dynamic business community, artistic and cultural treasures, the waterfront and national park, and a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives.

Our Salem, Our Kids strives to align and expand our community resources to better serve all children.



Our Community

30% of incoming Salem Public School kindergartners have not attended preschool.

49% of students in the Salem Public Schools are considered economically disadvantaged according to Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

As of the fall 2018, 265 children in Salem were identified as homeless or in foster care.

“Communities, not schools by themselves, must build personalized systems of support and opportunity that attack the impediments to student success.”

Paul Reville, former Massachusetts Secretary of Education