Our Salem Our Kids

Core principals for Our Salem, Our Kids

Embracing education as a community responsibility

Creating equity and access for all

Designing a systems approach

Fighting to ensure that all children thrive

Shared objectives for Our Salem, Our Kids

All Kids Have Access to Quality Early Childhood Education

All Kids Have Access to Quality K-12 Education

All Kids Have Access to Quality Out of School Time Programs

All Kids are Socially and Emotionally Healthy

All Kids Have Access to Quality Mental and Physical Healthcare

All Kids Have Access to Stable Housing

All Kids Have Access to Sufficient Healthy Foods Year Round

All Parents have access to and Knowledge of Resources


Moving the work forward…

Our Salem Our Kids is led by an executive director, governed by a Children’s Cabinet, and informed by a Partnership Collaborative.

Salem Children’s Cabinet

The Salem Children’s Cabinet is made up of leaders in the community and serves as a governing board for Our Salem Our Kids.


Mayor, City of Salem

Superintendent, Salem Public Schools

President and CEO, North Shore Community Health


Executive Director, LEAP for Education 


Dean of Education, Salem State University


Executive Director, Salem YMCA


Chief Program Officer, North Shore CDC


Vice President, Community Impact, United Way of Mass Bay and Merrimack Valley

Representative from the Department of Children and Families

Partnership Collaborative

The Partnership Collaborative, made up of 60 youth serving organizations in Salem, provides guidance and partnership as we align community resources to better serve all kids. Participants included youth development organizations, the Department of Children and Families, early intervention services, healthcare professionals, after school and enrichment providers. 


Our theory of change is based on the power of collective impact.

5 Conditions of Collective Success:

1. Common Agenda
2. Shared measurement
3. Mutually reinforcing activities
4. Continuous communication
5. Strong backbone

Measuring Progress

Content forthcoming.